Our aim is to preserve the stories that remind us of
who we are and where we come from

Hello, I’m
Reed Smith

I realized that family stories needed to be preserved and shared.

WHY? You Have to Know

Capture + Share Your Stories

I came to the conclusion that I needed to document family stories and history, because my grandparents had heaping piles of photo albums around their house, and they themselves were the only ones who held all the information and stories tied into those photographs. We really didn’t have a sense of what their past experience, feelings, and journeys were beyond the two-dimensional frames in the albums. It got me thinking that there were probably other families whose stories had the risk of being lost as generations move forward.


Since we started, however, we realized that a lot of people also want to document themselves now and also talk about their future. Because of this, we offer packages that focus on capturing the lives and future ambitions of our clients, so that down the road they can look back at themselves in crystal clarity and reminisce to the start of their life journey.


Let us share our passion with you.